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Looking for the best web hosting provider?

Looking for the best web hosting provider? Isn’t everyone, wait... what is hosting? What is the best high-speed hosting? I’m sure you have come across website developers that say that your site needs to be hosted, but do you even know what that means?

Allow me to paint a picture for you. Let’s say that your website is a house. That house needs to be in a city. Let the city represent a hosting server. Your website needs to be hosted on a server, otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to find - we all have experienced the frustration that comes with encountering “Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found”. To find the house (your website), a user must be able to navigate through the city (server). But how? Well let’s say that there are roads, and these roads represent the web, and the roads have many twists and turns that run all through the city. On these roads, there are cars, let the cars represent crawlers. 

When a user searches for something in a search engine or types in a specific URL, the search engine sends out these cars (the crawlers) on the roads (the web) to find what you are looking for. The cars (the crawlers) travel through the city (the hosting server) to find your house (your website). [I should also mention that crawlers are also known as spiders - but real spiders are gross, ha!] 

Now imagine what would happen if the city (servers) roads (navigational web) had obstacles like bumps, potholes, and dangerous cliffs with no warnings! - Yikes, that’s something that no one wants. With obstacles, such as; server errors, DNS not found, and server lags, your site may be missing optimal conversion opportunities. 

In short, when a user searches, the cars (crawlers) drive as fast as they can on the roads (the web) to that specific city (the server), to view your house (website). The roads that are smooth and easy to travel on allow for the best high-speed hosting for your website.

What about my eCommerce hosting provider? Well, of course, you want to be with the best web hosting company. NuCItrus is equipped to provide faster website loading and the increased likely-hood of someone making a purchase from it.

Switching hosting providers can be a hassle, but don’t worry, here at the best web hosting company, NuCitrus Technologies we know how to make it easy for you! Switch to our dedicated servers for the best high-speed hosting.

• Free Migration ($250 Value)

• Free 1 Year Hosting ($360 Value)

• Free cPanel email forever! ($50/yr per account value)

• Free SLL for 1 Year ($250 Value) [SLL allows for HTTPS (which allows for better SEO results)]

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