Strategic Alliance Program

Partner with NuCitrus Technologies

The purpose of NuCitrus’ Strategic Alliance Program is to provide clients with an array of services that can work in tandem with NuCitrus’ services. NuCitrus focuses on designing and building high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and agile responsive/mobile sites and applications that improve customer engagement, increase brand visibility, and drive overall user experience.


The benefits of joining the Strategic Alliance Program are your logo will be on our website along with a brief description, your services will be added to our forms as a service and NuCitrus’ sales reps will recommend your services to qualifying clients.

Getting Started:
Before joining the Strategic Alliance Program, there must be a minimum of 3 successful referral projects between NuCitrus Technologies and the Prospective Partners business. Upon completing 3 successful projects, the prospective partner is invited to meet with NuCitrus’ Partner Relations Manager. The meeting will be focused on understanding each other’s strengths, needs, and operating principles. The meeting is intended to clarify the partnership agreement, establish roles and processes, and identify success factors to ensure client satisfaction.

  • 3 Successful referral projects between the NuCitrus and your company
  • One time $1,000 fee made payable to NuCitrus Technologies (which includes):
    • Your high-resolution business logo on NuCitrus’ website
    • Links to your business’ website
    • Your business description on NuCitrus’ website
    • Your business’ services as “add-on” services listed on NuCitrus’ client forms/contracts
    • NuCitrus’ sales reps recommending your business’ services to qualifying clients.
    • Occasional blog space on NuCitrus’ Newsletter (3000 + subscribers)

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