What to look for to Prevent Horrifying eCommerce Website Design Experiences

Positive signs to look for in an experienced eCommerce website design company

 Top 4 Horrors of eCommerce Website Design

With this Halloween season right around the corner, we all start to get in the spirit of the season by planning our scary and creepy Halloween costumes. In the eCommerce website development industry, there is nothing more horrifying than an inexperienced website developer dressed up as an experienced eCommerce website developer. Choosing an experienced eCommerce website developer could be the difference in your business succeeding and failing online. Choosing the right company to guide you in building your eCommerce website design is only one of the concerning moving parts that should be evaluated when building out your site. Functionality with your eCommerce website, along with digital marketing and website branding are the three main components that will drive your online presence to sell your product or service.

Positive signs to look for in an experienced eCommerce website design company:


1. What kind of framework do they suggest?

An experienced eCommerce website developer would choose a robust framework capable of being supported, updated and also of a well-known name. The framework that should be recommended should support functionality in congruence with business growth.

2. Are the developers capable of developing custom code to support special functionality?

While designing a complicated and involved eCommerce website, sometimes modules available for purchase won’t accommodate a specific functionality that is needed. Generally, an eCommerce website design company that has participated in a number of build-outs will not be a stranger to this concept, and will make valid recommendations on what your website will be able to do and come up with custom solutions to functionalities that you are specifically searching for such as specialty shipping or specialty customer tiers.

3. Does the eCommerce development company make stylistic design suggestions that match the brand you are trying to convey?

When putting money and efforts into your business by marketing your products/services online for sale, you want to be sure you are picking an eCommerce web development company that makes stylistic suggestions that match the brand you are trying to convey. ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ is imperative in these scenarios. Being current with market research, as far as what works for reducing bounce rates are important things to consider when designing the landing page that consumers will land on.

4. Does the eCommerce development company set realistic project expectations?

Realistic project expectations ensure that your eCommerce website creation goes smoothly. It is important to be up front about delays and possible scenarios that could keep a project from moving forward. Having these conversations with your project manager up front strengthens communication and allows both parties to understand the work and effort that goes into getting your website right!



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