Successful e-Commerce Strategies in Industrial Manufacturing

e-Commerce in Industrial Manufacturing

In this day and age, the trend of Industrial, B2B distributors and manufacturers is to be slow to adopt the best practices of digital marketing and e-commerce. Mainly because aligning the business requirements of selling the product online can initially be a tedious process to establish.  The common misconception of many distributors and manufacturers is that their product would be ‘too complicated’ to market online due to the complicated configuration, or the amount of products inventory wise to transition to an e-commerce website. This leaves the business limited, as they are missing out on an untapped marketplace! The primary barrier that business owners encounter is their consistent ideas that digital marketing is not relevant in their business. A majority of the misconception is generated from the idea that consumer retailing and e-commerce use the same sales strategies. When engaged in the online manufacturer and industrial sales, it is imperative that the company is mindful of some of the objections and obstacles customers would come across when purchasing a specialized product and how to overcome them.

Successful e-Commerce strategies for Manufacturers:

  • Making clear and customizable features to configure custom products
  • Live support connected with specialists to guide the buyer through possible ordering complications
  • Pricing variations depending on the type of visitor
  • Abilities to save and complete orders at a later date (in case of various decision makers being involved in the transaction)
  • Acceptance of Purchase Orders and other Corporate payments

While all of these strategies are good to have in mind when building an E-commerce Industrial/Manufacture website, this remains to be only half of the battle. The other half of your strategy should be devoted to having a strategy to drive traffic to your website. Having a well-thought out SEO strategy and creating relevant educational content is extremely important when transitioning to selling product online. Especially when having a specialized product, it is important to create brand visibility by:

  • Utilizing analytic tools to plan SEO strategy and generating keywords that your buyers are using to search, to convert the search into a monetary transaction with your business
  • Using social media (consumer education by mean of videos, images and content and company culture)
  • Using educational content to drive buyers to your website based on your expertise and know-how in your specific industry

It can be hard especially from the stance of not having face-to-face interaction with the buyer, to establish a bond of trust to convert the website visit into a sale. It is important to ask yourself questions such as; What makes the buyer want to purchase with us rather than a competitor?  What can I provide the buyer with, so the experience doesn’t feel solely like I am just selling something to them? How can I refine the engagement process with the buyer online to understand their needs and accommodate them? By using the digital marketing tools listed above, the process in turn, and the consistent perfection of this process is what will help Industrial, B2B Distributors and Manufacturers E-commerce websites become the ‘experts’ of their industry.

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