TechTalk March 2017

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Did YOU Know...

A classic Hollywood film star and an Avant-garde composer helped invent Wi-FI? Classic Hollywood beauty Hedy Lamarr and her friend Avant-garde composer George Antheil patented a technology that could jam-proof the radio guidance system for torpedoes during WWII. The Navy rejected it, but returned to the concept 20 years later during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The patent helped create numerous of broadcasting standards, including Wi-Fi.

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I’m  Coming Let ‘em Know When automatically notifies people of your trip progress. It is the patented GPS-based app for trips of any distance that keeps your friends and family in the know and your hands on the wheel. Set your destination, chose contacts, pick a message, and I’m Coming sends notifications as often as you want, whether you’re five hours or five minutes away, so you can focus on the drive!

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